Exploration Improved!

Exploration Sections have been greatly improved! This was the biggest issue players told us about, so we’re happy to show off the newly rewritten exploration-interact system.

  • No more objects from other scenes getting highlighted or in the way
  • Only highlight objects that have dialog written for the current moment
  • Glow added around highlighted objects - way better visual cue

Other changes:

  • Music for acts 2 and 3 changed (instead of just hearing act 1’s music the whole story)
  • Music Credits now only include music used in the game
  • You can progress through the poem and act titles with the spacebar
  • Stability improvements


color-below-windows.zip 157 MB
Version 21 Aug 22, 2020
color-below-web.zip Play in browser
Version 13 Aug 22, 2020
color-below-mac.zip 161 MB
Version 21 Aug 22, 2020
color-below-linux.zip 174 MB
Version 22 Aug 22, 2020

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