A child is lost in a sinkhole full of alien colors. But the expedition to save him may only make things worse...

In this narrative Victorian horror adventure (first created for InkJam 2020), you play as Private Investigator Elena Ramos, summoned to a mysterious manor deep in the jungle to help the scholar Zamira Marques track down her vanished son. 

But things are not as they seem. The mysterious pit that appeared beneath Zamira's home—the pit that took her son—glistens with colors that defy description. The paranormal agency trying to secure the scene may not have everyone's best interests at heart. And, before long, someone will have to go into the pit... and brave the colors below.


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I really enjoyed this game!  The art is awesome!  The story was so fun I could have played longer. So interesting! Pretty impressive for a weekend guys!!  Well done!!!

Thanks again PJ! I'm so glad you liked the whole game! We put a lot of heart and love into each aspect of it ^-^ 


Well done team. I think what you pulled off in a weekend is really special. I really enjoyed the story and the art is beautiful and well executed.
I have one suggestion, which I think would of made the game pop a little more, to in some way indicate which character sprite is currently talking. (I know this is probably unrealistic given the time frame.) I didn't really have trouble telling the difference between Elena (player character) and Zamira talking, but I really struggles to tell who was talking when the conversation was between Zamira and Luz. Either way It was fun and and a cool experience. 
Really well done! You guys did an amazing job. 

Thanks Haytham! It was super wonderful getting to create such a different game art and story wise over such a short period of time ^-^ 

I think indicating visually in some way which on screen character is talking by like greying them out or having them visually change is a great idea! I really wanted them to be able to change facial expressions during their conversations, but that was just wayyyy outside of the deadline goals. We may indeed implement that in a future update! c; 


The art is lovely! I was confused at first as to who was speaking (reading the comment that the player character is unseen cleared that up), but other than that this was a very intriguing and well-executed tale. Really nice job putting this together in a weekend!


Thank you so much! It was definitely a little crazy pulling it all together, but we somehow worked together and figured it out! We wanted Elena (the POV characters) to actually have a sprite but ran out of time so we angled it more that the player was seeing things through her eyes. I'm definitely hoping to actually add her character art into the game at some point as I think that'll clear up some of the confusion and it would just be cool to see her visually c; 

Yeah, I'd definitely be interested to see this developed further if you decide to come back to it!

I’m certainly hoping to clean up any of the bugs and user experience stuff at the least.


Thought the poem at the start of the game set the stage quite well. Cool use of color and creature design too!

Had some issues figuring out where to click to advance the story... Resorted to indiscriminate click sprees on a couple occasions. On the narrative side, I'd love to learn a bit more about Tenerife's relationship to Zamira, and about the Sebastien character in general.

Hey bud! Thank you so much for playing our little game! It means a lot after working our buns off for that weekend lol. I had a ton of fun drawing the backgrounds and creature in the game ~ it was really interesting trying to come up with something that would emphasize what we were coming up with story wise. 

I think we're all definitely hoping to dip back into the game and expand on the things you had mentioned and make a few fixes (such as the clicking area issue) after we have a little break. Should be very nice to do that minus having a crazy close deadline ^-^' 


I loved the art style and the weirdness of this story!
I wasn't always sure, whose words I was choosing with my choices, but it was still nice to play

Thank you so much Haunted Forest! (I'm the artist of the game btw) We really appreciate you playing the game! It was super fun trying to intertwine the visuals with our strange story in meaningful way within the game jams time limit. We'll definitely be adding name tags to clear up the choice confusion hopefully within the next week too, thanks for the feedback ;) 

You’re meant to be playing an unseen character, Elena - as if first-person. That may have been not so obvious. Glad you liked it! (game’s programmer)


The art is gorgeous! The borders reflecting each characters' personality was a really nice touch too!


Thanks so much Southhall! (I'm the artist c; ) 

I don't think I've ever drawn so many things within 2.5 days before, my wrists are definitely a little sore now, but Im thrilled with how it all looks! I loved mixing the greyscale art and colored sections the most in the artwork, really made the whole story come to life. The dialogue boxes were our programer Sam's idea, I love what he did with animating them slightly! It was super fun just adding little details like that to signify who was talking.