A downloadable virtual-reality game for Windows, Linux, and Android

🪴 A cozy VR adventure where you play as an eager young space gardener who gets called out to a stranded space arboretum in need of your expert help. 

🌟 Created within 48 hours for the 2023 Global Game Jam. 

The Team

Sam - Audio Engineer, Scripting, Level Design, Build Engineer

Malcolm - Level Designer, Tool Developer, Tech Art

Chelle (MifuWorks) - Lead Artist, 3D and 2D

Amber - Voice Actor 


🕹️ Analog sticks to move smoothly

🔘 Hold stick in to run

🔫 Trigger to move by teleport

✊ Grab button to pick up objects

🅰️ "A" button to jump

🅱️ "B" button to crouch


Quest 185 MB
Version 7 Feb 13, 2023
Windows 124 MB
Version 7 Feb 13, 2023
Linux 127 MB
Version 1 Feb 13, 2023
Quest (Jam)
Windows (Jam) 123 MB

Install instructions

Desktop VR - Download and run

Mobile VR - Install APK via Sidequest

Development log


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No way! I didn't realize that you made this too. Geez small world.