A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

You and your co-astronaut need to repair the ship and protect it from an onslaught of asteroids.

Game Types:

Web game is hosted by the devs.

LAN game starts a new game on the local network

Private game is just you

Other games listed are discovered LAN games

Player Types:

Observer  🎥

Pushing the observe button instead of Join will cause you to only watch. The game wait until there are astronauts to start.

Astronaut 👨‍🚀

The first two players to join will be astronauts, dividing their time between healing nacelles and shielding from further asteroid damage. 

You cannot deal while the shields are up. There are only 4 seconds of should charge, you must wait 1s between uses, and it will recharge when not active.

Alien 👽

All players after the first two will be hurling asteroids at the ship to try and destroy it.

The game's AI will throw rocks as well, should there be no aliens or ones that refuse to throw rocks.


WASD / Arrows / Touchscreen square 


A button / Ctrl / Left Click

hold to heal or sheild, tap to enter command module

B button / Esc / Right Click

leave command module


Menus, Scripting, Modelling

    Samuel Sarette

Networking, Scripting, Input

    Malcolm Nixon

    "Black Vortex" and "Hiding Your Reality"     Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
    Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License

Sound Effects
    "Scifi Sheild Noise" by azraelecho [CC BY 3.0]
    "RPG_Plus" by Mike Koenig  [CC BY 3.0]
    "Interface SFX Pack 1" by obsydianx [CC0]
    "Improvement Healing Chime" by Raclure [CC0]


Shipwreck.apk 26 MB
Win.zip 29 MB
Linux.zip 32 MB

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